Wedding Items For Sale  

I got married in 2010 and I have been holding all of the following in my's time to get it out!  Please email me if interested, I'm located in Spring, TX email is

Here is what I got (scroll down for pictures):

136 Mini Bird Nests (used as a favor on each place setting
15 Various 4x6 Frames, I sanded and painted red, very easy to repaint
5 Tall Centerpiece Vases
6 Hanging Candeliers (used as isle decor)
4 Birdcage Card Holders (used as centerpieces)
9 Candleabras (used for centerpieces)  SOLD
9 Pkgs (6 in a pkg) Hard plastic wine glasses

Here are the pictures and prices....

136 Mini Bird Nests $ 90.00 
The cheapest I found them were if you ordered 6 or more sets of 12 then you could get each set for $8.80, there are 11 sets of 12 plus an additional 4.

15 Various  Frames w/wood #s (#1-#15) $60.00
When I bought them the frames were black and the numbers were lime green, so they are easy to repaint. 

5 Tall Glass Vases $100.00
One vase has a small chip in the inside of the lip but it is not noticble from the side or when flowers in it.

Sorry for the bad picture but this is how I used them...

6 Hanging Candleliers  $75

Here is the way I used them...

4 Birdcages - used for centerpieces $20.00

Here is how they looked on the tables...

54 Plastic Wine Glasses (9pks 6 in ea pk)  $30.00

Ceremony Decor  

I found the look I want for my aisle and it's can see this cute wedding over on Jasmine Star's blog. I plan to use red roses instead but here is the look I'm going to go for:

I found the candeliers over on amazon for $10.80 each. I bought six of them so I plan to stagger then down the aisle just like the above inspiration. I think these will look great over at our venue on the terrace. Here is picture of the candeliers close up:
(these will be for sale after my wedding so let me know if you are interested)

Dress Shopping.......  

I had a wonderful day Sunday...I went shopping with my mom, my sister-in-law/matron of honor and one of my bridesmaids. It was great, they gave great suggestions and I really valued their opinions. Tiffany even brought in some champagne, yum!

I went in with no real budget in mind, I said to myself I would get the dress that I loved but at the same time I am an el'cheapo and I didn't want to spend over a g. I tried on several and then the one that I loved ended up being the least expensive so it was wonderful. I had a $50.00 coupon from the bridal extravaganza plus they were having a sale so I got another $50.00 of so after it was all said and done I walked out paying.............wait for ready????

$280.00....yep, that's it. I was happy with the way it looked and the price, it was a win win situation.

I cannot post the picture of the dress that I bought because I have a nosey fiance. He was already saying he was going to look through my camera and I just don't trust him. He's seen this blog and I wouldn't put it past him to sneak a peek. So here are some dresses that didn't make the cut.

I wasn't crying know it looks like that but my daughter likes to just take pictures at the wrong times.

Bouquet - Mock Up #1  

I have thought long and hard about what I wanted for my flowers and I know I want all roses but I wanted to add some feathers and even some glass beads to it. I know I want to diy them however I don't want to deal with real flowers a few days before my wedding. I bought some fake roses, they were not that cheap but I got them at Hobby Lobby's half price sale and the are very nice in my opionion. So I got two different feather inserts and I made my own bouquet bead stems. I do plan to add a more feathers at the base of the flowers and then I plan to cover the stems up with pool color ribbon. The bridesmaids will most likely not have any feathers or beads, just simple roses and then I'll probably add a bouquet initial charm for them on the stems.

Here is a picture of my inspirations bouquet, this is the one that I saw and knew it was the closest thing I could find to match the vision I had in my head.
And here is what I came up with, I need to shape it a little better but I am very pleased with the ways it turned out so far.

Invitations....Opinions & Suggestions welcome  

Since I design items for clients, I figured it would be good to use my creative side and my lab services to creat my invitations. I know it's early for this part of the planning but this is the most important part I think, this is the first impression a guest will see for your wedding. I wanted to stay away from the pocketfolds. I'm going with an accordian style invitation. The first panel will be the most important aspect and then the 2nd panel will have a picture from our up and coming engagement shoot later this month. The 3rd panel is the one I am not sure of yet, I need to put the Gallery's address but then I also want to mention our wedding website. The 4th panel will be the detachable RSVP postcard. I want the guests to fill it in and then just detach it and mail it back. The back side of the invite will be simple across the first three panels wil be another picture of Justin and me and the 4th panel on the back will be the address part of the RSVP post card.

Here is my digital mock up, please give me CC, I'm open for it. I do need help deciding on what to put on the information page......any suggestion or wording help?

Once the accordian is printed up it will be folded and place in an slot envelope and then I plan to decorate that with a feather, the white part of the digital mockup will most likely be a lace ribbon to give that vintage vibe and then I'll top it all off with a monogram design. This it will be place in nice pool colored envelope with a wrap around label, at least that is what I am leaning for right now.

Who knows this may all change later on but I am really in love with them and I am pretty sure this is what I want to go with.

The full layout of the front:

A close up of the front panel:

A close up of the RSVP card:

Full layout of the back panels:

A close up of the back of the RSVP card:

And then theh digital mock up of what I want the finished product of the envelope to look like:

Bridal Party Dress Shopping  

The whole purpose of the Bridal Brunch, posted previously was to look at dresses...and here is what I came up with.

This is from David Bridal's website, it really give the whole vision I am looking for. I don't want matchy matchy but I want some flow to it. These dresses I think really fit the bill. The two little girls on the end are my two daughters, they'll be Jr Bridesmaids, they're a bit older (12 & 14). So if my colors are Pool Blue and accents of Red, what do you think of the Jr. Bridesmaids being red, I like the bit of color it adds. I am planning to have a flower girl too and she'll be in the Pool Blue so that will sort of break it up a little bit more.

These are the girls with their dresses on but just not in MY colors.

These are the girls and then adding in my two daughters. As you can see the dress for my youngest (green) didn't really fit but you get an idea.

Bridal Brunch  

I know my wedding is not until May 2010 but I felt the need to get the girls together for a little meet and greet and then do a little dress shopping. I want them all comfortable but at the same time I want a vision to come through. I think I got it down. I think as a bridesmaid, having plenty of time to buy the dress is a big help, doing it this early helped me get my vision down and then it will also help them to budget for their dress.

Here is the invitation I designed and gave them for the bridal brunch.
I did very minimal decorations for the brunch I wanted a very casual feel to it but I did get all the stuff from goodwill and other resale shops. The champange glasses cost me about 79 cents each...the tray for the muffins was only $2.99...and the vintage lace table cloth was $3.99. I mades some very yummy food.

Here is what was on the menu:

Blueberry and Chocolate Chip Muffins
Pancakes rolled and filled with a fruit filling
Mini Pie Shells filled with scrambled eggs and cheese
Pigs in a blanket
Mini Eclairs
Fresh fruit: Strawberries, Grapes, Watermelon, Honey Dew Melon, Cantelope
and to wash it all down...Mimosa

Here's a picture of the table with all the goodies:
This is my maid of honor, Cynthia:
This is my sister in law Tiffany, she's my brothers wife.

My friend Lani...

My friend Jennifer (back) and Justin's sister Nicole...